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Specialize in Pedigree Show GIANT Angoras and Pedigree Registered German Angoras.

Pedigreed and Show Quality Registered.

Wool Angora Rabbit Blended Yarns.

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About Me

Registered Show German Angoras and Giant Show pedigreed Angoras.


I raise German, Giant and French Angoras. Specialize in Show and Pedigree Angoras, Member of IAGARB and also ARBA.

I have listed in several listings natural 100% pure angora rabbit yarn. Softer than cashmere, 7 times warmer than sheep wool. Angora is 11 micron in diameter. Very light, airy , fiber has a hollow shaft so, you need just a small amount of fiber and go a very long way. If you blend just 10% angora and 90% wool, this will give your yarn a lovely touch, halo and a warmth too. 1oz of fiber can give you well over 100 yards if you spin finely. If you blend with other fiber you can dramatically increase the yardage. I also have blend Angora yarns in other listings.

I sell raw Angora wool which is clipped to get 4 to 6 inches in length depends on Angora breed.

The rabbit feed with a high protein diet for superior fiber quality and brushed often, this is how the fiber collected. Simply brushing the rabbit. The rabbit are cared for with love. They are very healthy and happy. Take advantage of this fantastic bargain.

And it dyes very nice too. It has wonderful drape and a furry halo that continues to bloom until garments or accents made from it begin to look like fur. The garment made from fine angora are not too warm to wear indoors. In fact they are especially inviting on cool Spring & Fall morning, evenings in the mountain year round. People who work in air conditioned spaces will benefit from the insulation abilities of angora indoors. Angora is 100% natural fiber that wicks moister away from your skin, is flame resistant & very beautiful.

The yarn is ready for you to take over for a super creation. The rabbit is not harm in any way, healthy , stress free rabbits are gently Sheared or combed often to gather this amazing fiber.

CARE: The twist is set in FIBRE WASH FIBRE RINSE from UNICORN FIBRE. For luxury yarn only luxury FIBRE WASH and FIBRE RINSE.

WASH: cool, hand wash with a gentle soap. Lay flat to dry.

Specialize in German, Giants colored Angoras also Broken colored angoras.


Angora rabbits German and Giants.

  • Pedigreed and Pet Quality
  • Grand Champion Blood Lines
  • Naturally Fed
  • Hormone Free!​
  • Highest Genetic Standards
  • Clean Healthy Environment

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Specialize in top show quality Angoras. 

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Paisley Pastels Angoras and Yarns

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Paisley Pastels Angoras and Yarns


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